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I've been working as a full time musician for over 10 years, enjoying every second of it, but this last year my soul started to crave something else..

Something more “me”. I started writing music when I was around 8 years old but I always kept it to myself. However the dream of releasing my own music was always there.


I would now like to introduce you to my first record, purple.

A collection from a vast library of music and lyrics that I have been collecting and caring for over the years.. Written anywhere from Australia to India to Jamaica.

Please, let me invite you to listen, enjoy and get to know the real Max Niclasson. 


My brand & direction for this record was to make sure that everything was recorded in studio with  real instruments & real musicians, and after that we experimented with synthesisers and sounds to give the right feeling. 


It has been a long process, I have wanted everything to be be perfect, a heartfelt thank you goes out to Sebastian agren & Andreas Arvidsson for spending many late nights in the studio going through everything and finding the sound that I craved. Also to the two above for bringing the tracks to life, along with the rest of my amazing band Max Volym. This record would never have been all I had hoped for if I was not lucky enough to be surrounded by these incredibly talented musicians. 


And the biggest thank you to my inspiration, my soulmate, my Lila. Without her  there wouldn’t even be a record, so the record is named purple after her. 

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